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// Urban Wildlife

About my process..

I’m an artist obsessed with urban wildlife. Currently, my work is classified by galleries and press as “abstract”, though I feel that I’m still recording something that you can see in life.. it’s just movement, instead of form.

Here on my site you’ll find examples of my artwork, upcoming shows, blog, press clippings, and photos from trips to photograph new subjects. Often, you’ll also find links to businesses and non-profits that have assisted me in research. I hope you enjoy browsing!

Megan Wolfe


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Upcoming: Megan Wolfe Live Drawing at Sketch Tuesdays

Coming up Tuesday, January 22, 6-10pm, I’ll be participating in “Sketch Tuesday”, the monthly live drawing sketching event at 111 Minna! I’ll be live drawing along with a number of the Oakland based artists in this themed sketch event, curated by Alfonso Cosio with Oakland Art Enthusiast! Artwork and sketches will be for sale on the spot, and it’s a great time to pick up work from your favorite artists at rock-bottom prices! Hope to see you guys there!