A Year in Progress - Salute to 2010

A Year in Progress – Salute to 2010

As we drift further into February, I realize this kind of post is a little late. At the end of each year I usually recap the progress made with the artwork, shows, and freelance, and I’ve already been caught up in the momentum of 2011 to really sit back and write about it. The truth is, though last year was an incredibly difficult and trying year, it was by far my best, and I feel certain that I’ll remember it in my lifetime as a milestone. I really became a completely different (better) person.

Of course, when you’re flat broke, you grow a lot. Mostly because instinct kicks in and all those ideas you had before that sounded really stupid seem, all of a sudden, to be really brilliant (and even if they still seem pretty stupid you don’t care anymore because it’s your last ditch effort to save your sorry ass). Freelance photography was like that for me. I found clients by placing an ad on Craigslist for small business photography, and then word-of-mouth that came, not from other photo clients, but from coworkers at another job. In total, counting the shoots for the web company I work with, I shot roughly 100 businesses last year.

Art-wise, the first half of 2010 wasn’t forgiving (or maybe I’m not forgiving of myself when I think about it). I had enough momentum left over from 2009’s press push that I was invited to participate in several group shows, and where I didn’t have time to produce new work, I had accumulated a dozen works that had never been shown before (some still haven’t been). That kept things alive and moving, even when the best I could do is come home from my three jobs and collapse. I gave my first lecture on Social Media for Artists during this hectic time, and did my best to keep up with events at Fecal Face.

Toward the end of 2010, things settled down (thank god). I rebuilt megwolfe.net, and my focus began shifting back to art. I also acquired a bigger studio space.

Despite the crunch of teaching, waitressing, photographing, showing, and moving, I had a lot of fun last year too. I lived in a creepy building where dolls appeared in the lobby, ate blowfish for the first time, explored abandoned parking garages, started traveling, delved more into philosophy, collected antique books, and visited with close friends (most of whom were as busy, if not more, than I was). And I finally replaced my damned XBox360.

Looking back at it all, it’s difficult to believe that it was all done last year. The list makes me tired. What makes me excited to get up and do it all over again in 2011 is the personal growth I experienced. I know what I’m made of and where I stand when I stand alone. Best of all, I know how to fight for the life I want, and if I have to do it again, I will. Happily.

So here’s a toast to 2011 – the year where I catch up on all the sleep I missed, acquire health insurance, cultivate more photo clients, push forward with new art and better shows, and try not to watch so much Netflix. 2010, we loved you dearly, but you were a bitch.