Meg Wolfe, Life in Winter - A Visual Journal

Meg Wolfe, Life in Winter – A Visual Journal

I’m sitting on the floor, thumbing through old notebooks. It’s 9pm on a Friday, and I should eat something, but part of me is stuck reading old journal entries and laughing at myself. I’m not sure if I live in a soap opera or a sit com, but “Past Me” (who exists up until this second) is a riot. The other part looks at the sketches and references pasted next to the notes and sees a pattern. Past Me was onto something.

In 2010, I stopped keeping up with my notebooks. Being on the go constantly, I favored a pocket-sized sketchbook and didn’t pay much attention to what order the notes were in. Now that I’m in the studio more often, my notation practices are becoming more formal. The notebooks are demanding attention.

Life in Winter is the photography part of my ongoing notebook. The photos are meant to be both reference, and the documentation of my current interests. Some will inspire projects, drawings, and shows, while others are just camera play. My latest entry into this “Visual Journal”, will pop up via RSS on the left-hand side of I’m also keeping it separate from the “art” flickr account, due to the fact that Life in Winter is focused more on photography.

So, there you have it. You can check out the full load of photos uploaded to Life in Winter here.