Meg Wolfe, Upcoming Sketch Tuesday

Meg Wolfe, Upcoming Sketch Tuesday

This month I’ll be taking part in the Broken Meter edition of Sketch Tuesday at 111 Minna, coming up on February 22nd! It’s a sweet lineup of artists, and word has it, we’ve got a theme to work with too! Click to check out the official press release, and connect with Broken Meter on Facebook!

“In honor of the release of its second issue, “Broken Meter” is proud to host a crime-themed Sketch Tuesdays at 111 Minna, with a very special lineup of participating artists.

Broken Meter II will feature Ben Eine, Slinkachu, Space Invader, Jessica Hess, Brett Amory, and others. The zine will be released at the Ben Eine opening at White Walls Gallery on Saturday, March 12.

Sketch Tuesdays, hosted by “Broken Meter”
111 Minna Gallery
Tuesday, February 22 from 6-10 p.m.


Jessica Hess
Brett Amory
D Young V
Claire Pasquier
Hugh Leeman
Adam 5100
Megan Wolfe
Donta Santistevan
Mario Ayala
Ryan De La Hoz
Mike Cuffe
Dan Plasma
Erik Otto
Aaron Lee
Dennis McNulty
Mr. Lucky
Chor Boogie
Nate Van Dyke

For more information on the Broken Meter visit

Broken Meter is a celebration of city life, a visual recording of the activity, movement, and energy of the urban environment. Broken Meter is not gentrification, trash removal, clean swept streets, and flower boxes, but rather the decay, the chipped, flaked, broken aesthetic of our culture. Broken meter is the misspelled sign, the street preacher, the converted U-Haul cardboard trucks, the old ladies and recycled cans and bottles, the graffiti tag, the covered up graffiti tagged, the re-tagging of the original piece, it is the funny face, the sad face, the busted, it is the unexpected, the hopeless, it is both beautiful, and sad, it is the Broken Meter.