On the Wagon with Life in Winter

On the Wagon with Life in Winter

Right before Valentine’s Day I “fell off the wagon” with my work. I seem to jump off every-so-often anyway, but I’m not sure what happened this time. My guess is that my attention shifted from the purpose, and statement, of Life in Winter (which feels more like a noble pursuit – an artistic appreciation for life and its seasons), to completing work for this month’s set of group shows and events, and over all, the shift in focus left me feeling hollow.

Thankfully, I had a great conversation yesterday that got the gears turning again, and I spent part of my afternoon pouring over the notebook I started back in November, as well as the journal entries I use to create the text for most Life in Winter photos (both of which I religiously keep in case of “fallout”).

Life in Winter is meant to reach out in one way or another, and become a tangible dialogue about life, loss, and experience. Though entries have stayed pretty vague and self-centered while I hammer out ideas (and decide just how much personal detail I want / need to share), there is a deeper pursuit that I’m passionate about: the desire to relate to other people and their experience through art. It’s that passion that gets me writing, drawing, photographing, and sharing again. It’s good to be back on the wagon.

Life in Winter – Breathe

“It’s the last piece I was missing; the answer to a question I’ve been asking myself. I just needed someone else to ask me before I could answer it and I thank her for it.

I can breathe.”

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