Upcoming: A Moment Of.. at Van Eaton Galleries

Upcoming: A Moment Of.. at Van Eaton Galleries

This Saturday, June 16th, opens “A Moment Of..” group show at Van Eaton Galleries, with one of my drawings featured. The show is curated by artist Ruel Pascual and includes artists Sam Wolfe Connelly, Andrea Wicklund, Michael Ramstead, Alina Chau, and several others.

I’m especially excited to present this piece for this show, as it was this work that sparked a new series of birds for me, and it’s one of my favorites from this year’s collection of drawings. With it, I found a nice balance of my older work, which was based in high realism, and my current, abstract, free-flowing work. The show, “A Moment Of..” concentrates on influential moments in the artists’ life, whether it be a moment of love, life, death, or inspiration.

For me, I chose to revisit the moment I broke away from realism and fell into abstraction (thus the reason for pushing for that balance within the piece). I really do relate that point in time with dying, or breaking, because it was such a violent shift for me, and it only came from extreme frustration with both my work and my private life. Though you won’t get the feel of violence from this piece, you will recognize the stillness of the bird, and the restraint here verses the abstract work currently at Thinkspace. This is that point in time just before the break.

Needless to say, check out the work at Van Eaton Galleries this Saturday, June 16th, from 6-10pm. The gallery is located at 13613 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA.

For more information about the show, go to the official invitation on Facebook.

Or check out Van Eaton Galleries’ Facebook Page.