"Warhol Reimagined" on Hi-Fructose.com

“Warhol Reimagined” on Hi-Fructose.com

I’m stoked that there’s been quite a bit of press buzzing around the Warhol Reimagined group show. So far we’ve had the usual suspects stop by to check out the work, such as ArtBusiness.com and Curbs & Stoops (thanks, guys!), but also some that are new to me, like The Dig In Magazine Blog.

I’m especially excited, however, that Hi-Fructose made it over to the show, and featured “All My Lovelies” in their Warhol Reimagined report! I’m really happy that the piece seems to be well received, as it was very experimental for me. You can check out the photos now, on Hi-Fructose!